Sunday, May 23, 2004

approaching 22 straight hours

of being awake. :) Oh man what a day. Lot's going on. I had intended to sleep in for awhile this morning but my biological clock decided to get me up at 6am this morning and not let me fall back asleep. So I wasted some time on the puter and such. Then the rest of the morning I did a bunch of yard work, mowing, raking, trimming, etc. Then I cleaned my car a little and did some other house chores. Got lots accomplished. :) Then, the afternoon ended up being really lazy. I was so tired, so I sat around and watched the Cubs beat the Cardinals. It was a pretty decent game. Once that was over, it had cooled down outside, so me and Dub went over to Countryside pond to fish for a little over an hour. Didn't catch anything or get any bites the whole time. I'm having the worst fishing luck ever this year. :-( Then after that, me Tim and Tony left at 6:30 to head down to D.C. for the Pat McGee Band show. We took the Metro down and then wandered around for awhile trying to find somewhere decent to eat that was a bit better than McDonald's but didn't charge an arm and a leg. This was a very hard search, but we eventually stumbled upon a place called Murphy's. It was pretty good food and we chilled there for a bit. It was actually a really beautiful evening outside for once. 8) After dinner we made our way over to the 9:30 Club and got there at about 10, just in time for the opening act. It was some dude, Rick Honeycutt, he was ok, but kinda odd. PMB went on stage at 11pm and rocked it out. The show started kinda slow with them playing a lot of new songs, but boy did it ever end on a high note! Pat played the coolest closing to a show of any band I've ever seen. They just went insane. I mean INSANE. They played Rebecca as the last song, and started jamming it out as always. Then Pat just lost his mind. He went and climbed the right stack of speakers and was up there like 30 feet above the crowd jammin on his guitar. This is when the breakdown occured. The band members were all staring at each other like "what the hay is Pat doing?" and they just started playing there own things cause there was no direction. So anyhow, Pat's up there and starts like pretending he's going to crowdsurf. Then we all started chanting for him to do it and he goes and jumps down like 30 feet into the crowd and goes surfing all around. The keyboardist quickly followed suite, so we have these 2 guys surfing the crowd, meanwhile the drummer and bassist are barely keeping a beat. Actually, the drummer gave up and started throwing sticks into the crowd. Then Pat got back to stage, and started playing again and they jammed some and then he decides to jump into the crowd again-with his guitar, but not surf. So he's just walking around us on the floor trying to jam out on the song- it was so hilarious. Then somehow he lost his guitar and ended up back on stage and ripped a piece off the drumset and started banging on that. Meanwhile, the bongo player has decided to go crowdsurfing. So, this madness just enused for about 30 mins while the drummer was back there unsure what to do, so he just sat back and kept a beat while the rest of the band was off surfing, throwing stuff around and other things. Finally they closed the song and the show at about 1:25am. It was such a bizzarre, entertaining and just plain awesome end to the show. And actually it ended their tour for this spring, so I think Pat just decided to let it all hang out tonight and it was great! The best part of the show was how personal it was. Like last year at Wolf Trap there were thousands of people there. Tonight, at 9:30 Club, there's no more than 1,000 at absolute max. So Pat was like just calling the bartender by name and the sound guy had a birthday so they sang for him, and then some lady was having a bachelorette party, so Pat got her up on stage to sing. This was in addition to all the cell phones and cameras that Pat took from the crowd to take pictures from the stage for people. It was just so close and such a nice personal vibe, it was a ton of fun! So the show was over just before 1:30am, then we jumped on the Metro to go back home. We stopped at 7-11 to get some Slurpees and I helped coach a really freaky lady to her car because she was afraid of the sacadas. That was a really hilarious/completely bizzare experience. :) And that was about it really. Got back here a while after 3am and have been playing on the internet since then. I think my caffeine rush from my Slurpee is just about gone though. :-( Time to sleep for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time!

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