Sunday, May 23, 2004

quite a lazy day

Wow, so yeah today was worthless. :-) Woke up at about 3:20pm! I think that's approaching a record for me. The whole stress and tiredness of the week just decided to consumate last night. So I got up, went and ate some late lunch and watched golf for awhile. The golf was lousy so I decided that I would finally start the book that I've been meaning to read- Prophet by Frank Peretti. I struggled through the first chapters, for some reason they are just not easy to follow and non-interesting to me. This is very uncharacteristic of a Peretti novel, but it's most of the reason I've put down this book about 4 prior times and quit. But I plugged through and then it started getting real good. I got through chapter 4, about 50 pages, and was hooked. I can't wait to get back into it some more tommorow. So by the time I was done reading it was about 9, so I took a shower and such and now am blogging about my pointless day. At least it was relaxing. :)

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