Thursday, May 20, 2004

another decent day in the bag

So today went pretty well too. Actually work was quite easy today. I went in at 6:30 and did some stuff for a bit. Then ended up talking with some guys for awhile. Then I went over to building 13 to help Scott with the webpage he was building. They asked him to make a website using Dreamweaver for a manual for SMMTT. He had no clue what to do. This is the problem with our group. They ask people to do stuff they're not qualified in and they don't care. I should be making the website. And I wish I was, it would be a ton of fun to do. But no, this Scott guy is doing it. So anyhow, I go over there and am basically teaching him how to make a website from scratch. It was so hard to do and teach him. I wasted about 2 hours or more over there. By that time, I could've been half done with the thing if they had just tasked it to me. Oh well. So that was that, then our team summer picnic was at 11am. So I went there until about 1pm and hung out. It was a ton of fun and good to talk and catch up with some people and some more IMAT gossip. The highlight of the picnic was grilling up a big old sacada and having everybody pitch in money to get Tim to eat it for $50. It was the funniest thing ever and really gross. It was like Fear Factor almost, haha! :-) So after the picnic I came back, looked at some code for a bit, decided that my problem is about 75% impossible to fix. But I did the impossible a few times last year, so I might get it eventually. So after figuring that out I decided I still hated my job so I went to go talk to Miller about getting to work on IMAT Explorer. He was like, "yeah sure, that would be sweet." So I was excited about that, but then he went away and never came back so I never heard the end of it. I'll have to keep buggin him I guess. Then I came back and Bill and John and Lem started telling Navy stories. And when that happens, oh boy, watch out. I must've stood there for over an hour while they told Navy stories. They just go and go and go and don't skip a breath in between them. It's ridiculous. So, I listened to them forever and finally Bill's wife called to break it up and I went home. Otherwise, I probably could have been there all night! :) So, essentially I got no real work done today, hehe. Then I went and got an oil change at Jiffy Lube, went to the library, then came back here to chill out for a bit. I think now I'm going to snuggle in with a nice book! It's been so long since I have, I fell kinda giddy, lol. =P

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