Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Ah much better. :-)

Yeah, so no bitter blow-up-the-world blogging tonight. Today was a vast improvement over yesterday. I did lots of praying last night and tried to work out a lot of those bad vibes that showed up in the blog last night. So, I woke up on time this morning, left the house by 5:45 and traffic was not bad then. I put on The Gathering CD and enjoyed the worship music on the way in and that really helped me to grab focus and mellow out on the road. So, got to work at 6:15 and worked until 2:45. Work went pretty well I guess. It was still kinda boring and useless but I tried my best not to let it get me down. I put on some worship music and tried to keep focus on what I was doing. The bug I was tracking today was really hard to find. The code was really poorly written. It actually had a comment of the guy's name on it from 1999. So I asked an older worker about this guy and he was like "oh, yeah, he wasn't very highly regarded and didn't last too long here." I was like "oh great, I can see why!" So that was a real challenge, and I spent all day on this bug. I think I have it cornered to a chunk of code so I should be able to get it tomorrow. So I got off work then went and got my hair cut finally! It was so long. Then I came back here and was feeling real good and fired up so I got all of my stuff unpacked and organized and set up. It was quite a task, took about 4 hours! But now I'm all moved in and it feels great! Then Tim and Joey made a random stop tonight and I talked to them for a small bit about what's going on. I hope I can try and be a decent influence on them this summer. Sounds like all they do every night anymore is drink themselves stupid and get in trouble. :-( How I wish for the pre-21 days of innocent fun. Oh well. :-/ So that was my day. Nothing exceptional but a ton better than the past two. Just need to keep my chin up and keep pluggin on I reckon, and try to keep in tune with God to hear His will for my life and then be proactive in doing it.

Now I'll close with a cartoon from my Dilbert calendar from today that I found hilarious. This defines me completely. (if you read this Elizabeth, don't worry- I've only done it a few times to you ;-) )

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Anonymous said...

OhHO! :) I can think of a lot of things to say in response to that last bit... :) But I won't.

pre-21 days of innocent fun. That's a good phrase.

Good night.