Wednesday, April 28, 2004

good grief Charles Brown!

Oh man, where to begin with today. Hmm. Well, I could not for the life of me pull myself out of bed at 6:45 this morning. I ended up slothing out around 9 something. Then I promptly did a whole heck of a lot of nothing until Chem class at 12:20. That was a snoozefest as always. Then, I went to the course to play some golf around 1:20. The weather was absolutely perfect! Then I played like absolute doo. :-( I shot an 83...sorta. I ended up taking like one or two mulligans on every single drive. I could not hit my Ping driver, it was ridiculous! The Ping worked well for me for two weeks now, but I'm thinking it's high time to switch back to the Taylor Made. Other than that, the round was good. My irons were really on, as has been the case recently. Overall, though, I was really irked and I quit after playing 9. That was a little bit after 3:00. I had class at 4 to get to, so I had about an hour to waste. For whatever reason, I had just been feeling like a big prick all day. I was kinda a jerk this morning and then driving I was getting mad at people, and then I was getting irritated on the course with the people in front of and behind me. I was mad at this because this jerk side of me is what I've been working so hard on trying to dissolve this semester. So, I decided I'd try to walk around the campus and work it out. Didn't work too well. I just walked around and got irritated and mad at people for no good reason. I didn't even know people, but I would get myself upset because they were dressed stupid, or they would be acting dumb like talking on a cell phone and walking in front of traffic or whatever. Bottom line is I had no business with any of them, but I was just in such a prick mood, it was horrible. So, I essentially wasted almost an hour around campus and just made myself more irritated. Then, I went to ECE at 4 and basically passed out. I was SO tired it was unbelievable. I really think that this Allegra is making me drowsy because I cannot stay awake in any class this week. I'll usually dose off a little in class, but nothing like this. I'm now like just loosing functionality and suddenly falling asleep and knocking my pencil and papers off my desk and stuff. Its bad. So, I got out of class and was still jerky and very tired. I drove like a real a-hole on the way home, and then passed out on the couch. Sean came in at like 6:30 and woke me up which was good, because there was Awana at 7. So, I went to Awana in a rather tired and pissy mood. It was the last Awana of the year, so we kinda did some special games with the JV group. We played a pretty crazy game where you lineup your chairs and essentially fight each other to grab a balloon while sitting down. Pretty nuts. Then we went outside and basically had an all-out wrestling match in the grass. It was a lot of fun and I took out some aggression. :-) Then we all played a game of football which was awesome too. All, told, Awana was an excellent time tonight, and it was just what I needed! I feel so much better now about things, just by hanging out with the kids I was able to break myself out of my jerky mood. Also, got to see Troy one last time, so that was good. He's off tommorow to bigger and better places! Then, I also got to see Elizabeth briefly. She was in an interesting mood, lol. Almost seemed half-drunk, or going on zero hours sleep, haha. Not sure what to think of her these days. So, anyhow, that was great, and now I'm all pumped up and ready to do my Religion HW!