Tuesday, April 27, 2004

feeling lazy

Yeah, today has been a real lazy day. Went to class from 8am-12:12pm as normal. I did find out that I got a 96 on my last DiffEQ test, which was awesome! I smoked it, so that puts me in great shape going into the final! After class, I had a nice time with the Peeps lunch at Owens. Paul, Kara, and Elizabeth were able to make it out. It was nice. After lunch I decided to play some golf. Upon pulling into the lot and only being about the 7th car there, I began to think to myself, "hmm, this is bad...". Little did I know how windy it was on the course! It wasn't too cold out, but I don't think I've ever played golf in so much wind. I was insane for doing so. Some holes it helped, other holes it would be like a brick wall and my ball would go nowhere. It certainly made for an interesting round. Nobody was on the course so I was able to walk 18 in about 2:50. Not too shabby. I shot an 81 which was excellent with the wind. My chipping and putting were on today and that saved my game because the wind was taking my drives and iron shots all over the place.
After golfing I came back and made some sloppyjoes and scalloped potatoes for dinner. It was good stuff! Since dinner, I've been totally lazy...surfed the web some, then played around a bit with the formatting of this blog. And that's my day!
Now for some deep thoughts of the day. First deep thought is about this summer. I'm really torn on a decision of whether I should work at Lowes Island golf course or not. This would be my sixth summer there, so I'm very sentimental about the job and I like it a lot. However, with working my internship fulltime during the week, most of my hours at Lowes will be on the weekends. Since I'll only be around for the summer this time, I'm thinking I'd like to have my weekends free to do stuff with friends this summer that I've neglected in past years. I'd like to do some camping, fishing, hikes, Orioles games, or anything else. But I don't know if I'm willing to part with my golf job. Theres a lot of people I enjoy seeing there and it also has lots of perks I like, like free golf. So I dunno, it's tough.
Second deep thought concerns women. I am royally confused about Elizabeth. I've been trying to form a strong friendship with her this semester because she's the coolest girl I've met and stuff was going well I think. But, like the last month or so it seems like stuff is quickly unraveling. Not really sure what, since we never were a couple or anything like that, but it just seems like something is missing now that used to be there. I can't quite place it, so I dunno. I just feel weird with her now. I dunno what's up, I'm probably overanalyzing as usual because women confuse the heck outta me. hah! Ok, deep thoughts done now. Feels good to get down on paper (sorta). :-)
Now for the 2nd debate of the day (first being golf vs. internet surfing): early sleep vs. starting on easy ECE project. Hmmm.... 8D