Monday, April 26, 2004

Dogs chasing tails...

is quite entertaining to watch. Chance just had an extended session of this and it was quite funny. :-D
Well, let's recap the day today. Morning was nice, I BSed my way through another ECE Project report, then did a few tasks that needed doing. When it was time to go to class, it was pouring rain outside. They had planned to seal the parking lot today, but couldn't because of the rain, so last night I had parked off in the dirt behind our place. After raining all night and morning it was a lake of mud, and my umbrella was in the car so I had an absolutely horrid time getting to my car. :-(
Finally made it in one piece, then I went off to sleep in my Chemistry class. Upon waking up, I went to go chill in the CS lab and await my major project 2 demo at 1:40. I got up to demo at about quarter of. The TA was some Chinese girl who couldn't speak a lick of English, it was ridiculous. So, anyhow, she ran the program, and much to my surprise, the output didn't work! My heart absolutely sunk. I had tested this thing on like 3 platforms, including the CS lab machines and it worked fine. But for whatever reason, this one section of output would not output!! I was really scared, cause I could loose big points. So, I blabbered a bunch of stuff to her, then essentially just took the keyboard from her and made a quick Kludge (bad fix) to my program and recompiled it. They're not supposed to let us do that, but she seemed to not care, haha. So, we ran it again, and the output still didn't show! So, now I'm just completely clueless and upset. So, she starts going down the sheet pointing out areas where I could loose points. I was, I ain't goin out like this! So, I took advanatage of her lack of English and started speaking big words very firmly to her and making big arm gestures. I feel bad cause I think I scared her, hehe. Then basically, I was like, ok, that's 9 points off for output and that's all, and she was like, oh ok. So I got 9/200 off and then plus 20 points for the extra part of it I did, so all told I got 211/200 for a 105.5%, which I dig. :-) I don't feel totally bad for manipulating her though, because I KNOW for a fact my program was perfect. I think the output was funky because she was running the thing through all sorts of her own scripts which could have affected the execution somehow. That was the last project I have to do for CS 2604 though, so that's a huge relief!!
So, that demo took way too long. I was supposed to be at my Chem Lab at 2pm, but didn't get there until 2:15. Today was the final lab exam, so I was kinda late for that, but my TA is a cool guy and he didn't mind too much. I'm not feeling to well about how I did on the test, but at the same time I don't care too much, because I pretty much get a B in lab no matter what I get on the test as long as its like over a 40.
So, I did that, then had a bit over an hour to waste before my 4pm ECE class. So, I went to my secret corner of the library to do some stuff, and ended up running into Jamie! It was kinda funny, and nice to see her. Then I sat there and went over the spec for my final ECE project. I'm pretty excited because it is actually really easy! I should be able to knock it out tommorow afternoon.
Then, I went to my ECE class and coredumped for about an hour. The last 15 minutes he went over our previous tests. I got a solid 64. :-( I'm really, really mad about this, because I studied a long time for it. The questions I missed were really stupid also. So, this is bad because that basically ruins any chance I had at a B for the semester, and might even leave me scrambling to get a C.
After class, I doled out the $78 bucks for my month's supply of Allegra. Ouch. At least I won't be near-death from allergies anymore. Later on, at 7, we had a party for Troy and Travis at Charles' house. Troy is moving off to take a job in New Hampshire on Thursday, so we all said goodbye to him. He was a great guy, and I'm really going to miss him being around. Travis is graduating this semester and leaving to work in NOVA. He was a cool guy too, but I never knew him too much. So a whole bunch of people came out and it was fun. We stayed until a bit after 9pm and that was my day! Now, I think I'll sneak in some last minute homework for Religion class and then hit the sack early!