Thursday, April 29, 2004


Wow, yeah, big breath time! Today was quite involved in every possible meaning of the word. Starting out with the morning, I had my normal DiffEq, Religion, CS combo from 8-12:15. Quite a boring and useless day all around. McQuain was rather entertaining in class, but that's about it. Then I had my final Chem test at 3, so from 12:20-3 I buried myself in the library to try and figure out what we've been doing for the last month in that class! So, I was studying in my area and then Chris happened by and we talked for a bit, so that was cool to see him. Then I studied for awhile longer and was feeling really blah and tired. Then, Elizabeth stopped by which was a HUGE suprise to me. It was so awesome, just to see her right then. I felt bad because she was talking but everything was just passing by me cause I was so happy. It's been so long since I saw her smile like that and just have a dumb, senseless convo with me, it was nice. I've been feeling impartial about her lately, but that quick convo reminded me as to why I took interest in a friendship with her in the first place over a year ago. So that brief time was just incredibly uplifting to my spirit; I was able to run through the rest of my studying and then go bust loose on the test! I felt really good about it, so hopefully it turned out well. So, then I went home around 4 and chilled out with Sean and watched the Orioles game on the tube. Eventually, my mass tiredness took over and I wound up passed out on the couch drooling on myself. :-P Woke up at about 5:55 and was like OH CRAP! The IV Bible study group was having dinner at Owens at 6, so I rushed out there, and made it by around a quarter after. So, we had dinner and chatted which was nice, then went over to Thomas Hall for study at 7. A lot of people came out which was cool. We studied Hebrews 10-13 and it was really awesome. It was all about perseverence and dedication to the faith and stuff like that. It was a very spiritually uplifting study! Now, for the problem. When I saw E today, I asked her if she wanted to play wallyball with our study group afterwords around 9:15. She seemed interested, but she was also very tired, so I figured she probably wouldn't come. So, the plan was to play at 9:15. Our study didn't actually end until about 9:35. The whole last half hour, I was so nervous, because I was afraid that maybe E or Sean or both of them would come to play wallyball, but then leave since it got too late. So, study ended at 9:35 and then nobody wanted to play anymore. So, I was like whatever and just figrued that neither Sean or E came out anyhow, so I just went home. Then, I got an email from E saying that she came and wanted to play but couldn't find us! I was like, OH NO!! I felt so bad (and still do a bit), so I emailed her back. Then I was still feeling bad, so I mustered up a bunch of confidence and gave her a call. I think that was really good to do, we chatted for a bit and I let her know what happened. So, anyhow, that kinda sucked, cause that would've been lots of fun. :-/ I think this weekend I'm going to try to get E and the Steves and Sean and some other Peeps together to do some wallyball or something else. Must enjoy this last weekend of freedom!! So, today had a lot going on, but now I'm exhausted. Need to go to sleep early because I think Sean and I are going to play some golf butt-early like 7:30am or something ridiculous!