Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yesterday's Hike

Had a fun hike yesterday in Shenandoah- the weather was amazing out! It is today too. Here's a quick photo blog of the action

Start: time: 4:15pm, elevation: 2620ft

Stop: time: 4:50pm, elevation 3587ft
After hiking 2 miles, 1000ft of elevation in just over 30 mins, and possibly running past a bear, I'm pooped!

The reward (took the last of my breath away!):

After 20 minutes of chillin, I'm feeling better. Time go go back down

Great colors on the way back down!

Back at the car (elevation 2620ft)

Remnants of sunset at an overlook

Town lights coming on

I tried to take a picture of the stars, but it didn't come out. They were AMAZING. I could see the Milky Way perfectly above me. :-) Was praising the Lord for a great time and such beauty so close to me.

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