Sunday, May 14, 2006


Well, I finally graduated but life hasn't really slowed down. Guess I haven't blogged in a while. What have I been doing? See below.

Last Thursday long ago was reading day, so I had nothing to do but was supposed to study for my exams. I spent most of it finishing up my Multimedia project report. That took a long time. Liz had dinner with me later in the evening. I eventually studied a little bit, but not too much. :-P

Friday I had my Multimedia exam which wasn't too hard and I did well on. Then my Java exam which also went well. I did some paperwork for the townhouse and errands in the afternoon with Kristin. In the evening, Liz and I went to Rebecca and Scott's wedding rehearsal dinner and had a nice time. Afterwards, we relaxed at my house for a bit.

Saturday morning I crammed for my software engineering exam and then took it. Wasn't too bad. In the afternoon, I went to Rebecca and Scott's wedding and then over to their reception out at the Martin's farm. It was pretty incredible. :) I spent some time at Liz's after all the wedding stuff.

Sunday I slept though Sunday school but made it to service. I spent the afternoon with Liz working on wedding planning stuff. In the evening, I wanted to start studying for my formal languages final, but I gave up and just spent the time with Liz. :P

Monday I stressed and spent the whole morning and early afternoon studying for my formal languages final. I took it at 4:30 and it went pretty terribly. :-/ After that, I was totally free! It felt pretty good. I biked around some, and then went to grab Liz. We went and watched Kristin and the Harvest softball team play. Afterwards, me, Liz, Kristin, Doug, and Laura went to Macado's for Pop's sundaes to celebrate the end of the semester. Good times. :)

Tuesday, I went to Liz's early in the morning and cooked breakfast for us. :) Then we spent the morning working on planning music for the wedding ceremony. We did that until early afternoon and she had to go. I worked on some other stuff all afternoon. In the evening, we had a quick dinner and then raced off to the Dellinger's for our last counselling session which went really well until about midnight. Liz and I then spent almost another two hours in the car talking in Liz's driveway later. :P

Wednesday was the Day of Fun. I got up early and met some peeps at D2 for a great breakfast. Kristin, Anisa, Paul, Liz, Curt, and Summer came out for food. We ate for awhile and then went over to Harvest to meet at 10. Me, Paul, and Doug left from there to go hiking up Kelley's Knob. We got to the trailhead around 10:45. The hike was really beautiful. We went through some fields and then up through the woods steadily. We played around in a haunted farmhouse for a bit. Later, we found a stream to play in. :P Then, near the last part of the hike, it was VERY hard as we climbed what seemed like an infinite slope to the knob. It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get to the top all told. It was a great view up there though, and we hung out a bit. Once we were rested, we headed back down and got home around 4:30. I didn't have much time to rest before Liz and I went to Kroger to get some food. Then we started the big cookout/party at 6 at my place. Lots of people came over and we had a nice time. I made dip, hot dogs, cheddarwursts, hamburgers, and corn, and Liz made some great dessert. :) Later in the evening, we all got stupider by watching Napolean Dynamite.

Thursday was a dedicated wedding planning day. Liz and I did some shopping and errands in the morning and spent time at Holiday Inn setting up the reception plan, had some free food during the senior celebration on campus, and then I took her home. Later that evening, I came back to her house and we worked on some wedding planning. Stuff didn't go so well early on, but later on we were able to make good progress and by 3am we had picked out music and planned the ceremony. :)

Friday was a big wedding shopping day. I slept in and did some stuff in the morning and then all afternoon, Liz and I went shopping for wedding decorations and some other stuff. It went pretty well. At 7:30, I had the graduation commencement to go to at the stadium, which I was slightly late for. Oops! :-P It was rather boring, but I was glad to be graduating, so it was nice. :) After that, we got back to Liz's at 9:30 and spent some time doing wedding planning again with Liz's family.

Saturday was graduation day and that pretty much sums up the day! :P My family came in around 9:30 and then we all went to Torgeson museum at 11:00 for the CS reception thing which was nice. Afterwards, was the Engineering college graudation ceremony at the basketball stadium at 2. It was boring (lots of names) but not too long. We were out of there at 3:30 and then took tons of pictures. At 6:30, we all went to Sal's for a good dinner and then came back to my place for dessert. Liz's family came over for that too and we had a nice time with them. After that, Liz and I went and met Chris, Pam, and Mike for more dessert at Sonic and had fun hanging with them. I'm going to miss my roomates a little. :P That was from like 10:15-11:30, then I took Liz home and got to bed.

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