Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I'm going crazy! This wedding needs to take place and be done with. And I need to be moved. Too much to think about all at once!!!!

Well, what happened last week?

I finished up graudation weekend on Sunday and had a nice lunch with my parents at Taco Bell and a fun time with the Pinckneys later on. Did lots of wedding planning on Monday, then later in the day drove down to North Carolina. I dropped Liz off at Mema's and spent some time there and then drove on down to Steve Cosky's house. We had a fun Thai dinner and watched Donnie Darko. Tuesday, during the day, Steve went to work, and I went down to High Point to hang out with Ken. Had a great time with him eating at Ham's, then shopping a little. The rest of the afternoon I spent relaxing on a lake shore and had a fun talk with a random guy. I had dinner with Steve later at Elizabeth's Pizza and then we spent most of the evening walking around his neighborhood and having a good talk for almost 3 hours. :) On Wednesday, I picked up Liz in the morning and we headed on home and did more wedding work. Thursday, I worked in the morning on wedding stuff and then drove home in the afternoon. Had a fun time over at Tim's house with some friends in the evening. Friday morning, me, Jon, Tony, Dub, and Scott drove 8 hours up to Cedar Point, Ohio for the weekend. The ride up went pretty well and we got there in the early evening, so there was plenty of time to buy food, set up the tent, and grill out. We had a fun time grilling, making a campfire, and playing egyptian ratscrew until 1 in the morning. :) We drove over to Cedar Point amusement park early on Saturday and it was awesome. They had some many roller coasters and 10 million other things to do too. It was an island of blissful fun! We were only able to get to like 7 coasters, but they were all pretty amazing rides. :) It was a good time and the weather was perfect. We stayed from 10am opening until just about 10pm closing and then came back to the campsite and made another big fire and stayed up until almost 2am. It got a little scary at night when a racoon wanted to get into our tent and then later the winds from a storm almost blew it over. :P Sunday morning, we ate at Arby's, then hit the road for home. Made great time and got in around 6:30. I spent the evening at home watching SuperStar with my family. Possibly the worst movie ever, but it was nice to spend some time with them. I left Sterling early on Monday and drove back here for more wedding planning and stuff with Liz. We had a good time at Macado's late Monday night and caught up a little. :) Tuesday morning I had a physical and drug test which wasn't too fun, but good to have finished. The rest of Tuesday was spent on wedding and honeymoon planning. I made tacos and had Liz over for dinner too. :)

The rest of this week looks full with finished up the wedding and reception plans and at some point trying to pack up my house in order to move. Arrgghh!!

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