Friday, April 14, 2006


I haven't wrote in a while. There's been a few cool things in the past week or so.

Last Thursday Curt came over to hang out and we had good times. I fired up the grill for the first time since October and made lots of meat. :) I experimented with a beef/sage sausage/onion/red wine burger mix and it was good. We had a nice time talking too until pretty late.

Late in the afternoon last Friday, Liz and I had some fun by flying a kite over in a field by Foxridge. I was doing really well with it, but the wind was ridiculous and it finally just ripped the rope it was on. Then Liz had to go fetch the kite from the cow pasture. :P

Later on Friday night, Liz and I went to the Blacksburg Country Club and there was a colonial ballroom dance thing there which was really fun. Lots of Harvest folk were there all dressed up colonially. They taught us a lot of group dances and it was good times. The dance went from like 7 until midnight.

Saturday was pretty schoolwork intensive for me. Mid-day I spent about 2 hours on campus doing a CS volunteer info thingy for prospective students. I can't remember doing much else besides. At 10, I did take Liz out to Macado's and we got a pops sundae and had a nice time talking until late. Andrew happened to be there too, so it was nice to catch up with him a little.

Sunday consisted of church, schoolwork, and a group meeting. Nothing too exciting there.

Monday was class. Liz came over for lunch and we had a long Bible study debating and talking about 2 Peter 1:10. It was fun. Then we biked to campus and I volunteered for an hour doing a CS info session. There were like 15 families there this time, which was a little daunting. I guess it was spring break for the high schools. I had fun with it though. I think I spent the rest of the day doing school work and also planning the trip to Cedar Point.

Tuesday I biked to class again. In fact, I've biked every day this week. Its been a lot of fun. I bike out the back way through the farm fields and down past the Duck Pond into campus. Its beautiful, relaxing, good excercise, and saves gas. I should have started this a long time ago. :-) The rest of the day, I worked on schoolwork. In the evening, I went to Liz's for dinner. I cleaned out her back porch so that we could eat dinner out there, which was very nice. :) At 9, we had our third counselling session with the Dellingers. It went well too.

Wednesday I only had my 8am class, so it was nice to have the whole day for schoolwork. I got a lot done on my multimedia project. :) I ate lunch with Curt for an hour at El Rodeo. Had a nice time chatting with him some more. Awana in the evening was okay. I wish I didn't feel so useless there. I'm burned out. Worked more on my project at Liz's until late.

Yesterday I pretty much worked all day on my multimedia project. At 5:30, I went to the graduating co-op awards ceremony. It was nice, but I didn't win the award I was hoping for. :-/ Kind of got my hopes up...oh well. That lasted until 7, then Liz came over at 8 and we went with Chris and Steve W to Dairy Queen to check out the mint Oreo Blizzards. They were good, but the mint was fake! :-P Came back home and did more work until late.

This weekend will be busy with project work. The semester is winding down soon and I have a lot of stuff left to get done!! arrgghhh! My parents will be here this weekend for Easter, so I'll probably hang with them some, which should be nice. I'm looking forward to the sunrise service at the Martin's farm on Sunday, too. :)

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