Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not much

Life has been busy and not extremely fun lately.

Last Friday night was a little fun. Liz and I went out to Christiansburg for a silent auction fundraiser and enjoyed some entertainment and cookies. :) Afterwards, we grabbed a $5 Little Caesars pizza and came back to my place to eat a 10pm dinner and watch O Brother Where Art Thou.

The rest of the weekend for me was an onslaught of school projects. I helped a little with wedding planning too.

So far this week has been about the same. Monday was full of work and beginning work on printing wedding invitations. I did have a nice time with Liz though. She came over for lunch and Bible study at 11:30 and that went great.

The first 5 hours of yesterday I skipped class and worked on printing and putting together invites. The afternoon, we got the townhouse signed over to the girls and then I cooked up a good dinner for Liz and I. Liz came by to eat at 6:30. After dinner, we worked on invites. Had our 2nd counselling session at the Dellingers at 9 which was nice. Came back late and worked more on invites.

The rest of the week looks like a bunch of schoolwork for me, especially Java programming for the big project due Friday. Hopefully I can have a little fun this weekend...I need it.

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