Friday, March 03, 2006

Life Lately

I think I'm going to stop blogging day by day just because its not that exciting anymore. I'll put stuff up every now and then when cool stuff happens.

The last two weeks have been pretty insane for me. The big thing has been schoolwork. I've just been overloaded with lots of assignments to do, the biggest one being writing an Internet client and server from scratch. It was interesting, but a TON of work. I didn't sleep at all Sunday night. In fact, I went just about 43 hours straight without sleep. It was an experience...

I haven't done much with wedding planning lately. Liz has been getting a lot done and its slowed down somewhat too. Everything is falling into place little by little. I'm just about done planning the honeymoon...pretty excitied about it. :) The big locations we'll be at are Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and San Diego with in between stops in smaller towns, Vegas, Death Valley, Bodie ghost town, Ventura beach and Six Flags or Disneyland. We'll be camping three nights overall, one on the rim of the Canyon, one in Yosemite forest, and one on the beach. :-)

Haven't had a whole lot of fun lately. Liz and I had lunch at Sycamore yesterday and worked through some issues. We've both been too busy this semester which is deteriorating our relationship. :-/ Something must be done. Um...had some fun Oreo times with my roomates. Me, Liz and Chris went to Wendy's last Saturday and had Frosties in the parking lot. I've had a couple nice walks with Liz lately. We went out for a quick night walk on Tuesday and then last night we walked around the fields near Foxridge which were beautiful. Weather has been very warm all week but about to get cold. Oh yeah, we went to Mill Mountain after Awana on Wednesday for the first time in a while and that was fun. The previous Awana night, I took Liz to Cold Stone Creamery afterwards. It was amazing. They have great ice cream. The only problem is there are like 50 toppings to pick from and (as I found out later) only one is included in the price. So yeah...I rang up like $12 worth of ice cream. :-/ But it was amazing! :-P

Today is Kristin's birthday, and Matt's, so we're going to go party at Floyd and stuff tonight. :)

Heading up to Charlottesville with Liz this weekend to look at places to live and then going home for a couple days. There's a couple nice townhouses I'm really excited about, so we'll see what happens... :-)

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