Thursday, August 18, 2005


Last Thursday:
Today was a decent day overall. Had work and then class, which was just an exam review. Then more work. After work I went home and got some stuff done. Liz was still in North Carolina today. I went out with Curt around 7:30 and we spent the evening downtown and it was pretty fun. We ate at the new El Cabo Taco place which used to be Baylees. We got some fish tacos and they were decent. We sat outside and spent a lot of time talking too which is always nice. :) I think we left there at like 10 or something and then went down the street to the Cellar to watch some bluegrass. It was pretty busy and loud, but a good time. I had some drunk 50-some year-old lady ask me to dance with her. She was pretty hilarious and would randomly shout out, "WOO!" and throw her hands in the air. It was a good dance. :-P I think we left there around 11:30 or so and Curt took me back and I went to bed.

Today I just had work and no class so I got off at 3:30. Liz got back into town this afternoon and she came to see me at work, which was awesome of her. :-D I went over to her house after I got off work and we went to campus together to do some quick errands. Then came back and got to take a nice walk and talk around Woodbine. :) Then we just spent the evening together chillin at her house. Had a good dinner with her family and we spent some time reading one of the last two chapters of our book. I also took a little time to study for my final exam on Saturday morning. We all watched Ocean's Eleven which is a cool movie. I left just over halfway through since I needed some sleep. It seems like Liz and I ended up taking a "quick" night walk also, but I can't remember exactly now. Either way, I was stoked to spend time with her again today after a long week away. :)

This was a very busy day. Got up at 6 and spent some time cramming for my final exam at 8. I took the exam in about 75 minutes and I think I did pretty decent on it. :) Then got home and had a party for myself/packed and got ready to go home. I left Blacksburg around 10:30, had a great drive and made it to Sterling just after 2. Drove right over to the Goodyear place and left my car there so they could do my state emissions inspection. It took them over 3 hours to get it done, so I had my dad pick me up and I hung around the house a bit. Went to the mall with my mom at 4:30 for my optometrist appointment and got a new prescription for my contacts. :) Then went and picked up my car and went home and helped my mom set up the downstairs for a little birthday party for Kathryn. We had pizza dinner for her and all six of us were there for it, which was very cool and unusual for sure! Then had a little party for her with presents and cake/ice cream. I think she enjoyed it. Went with my Mom to Kohl's at 9 to shop real quick and then I went out and met Tim, Tony and big Steve at Sweetwater at 9:30. We chilled there for a bit on their deck and had a weird banana-flavored brew. :P It was so friggin hot and humid though that we got sick of being there and went back to Tim's house. Plus they wouldn't let me wear my hat anywhere- not even outside! I mean, what kind of a bar does that?! They might be losing my future business...Anyhow, we all headed back to Tim's and hung out around his pool and chilled. Was nice talking with the guys. :) I think I left around 12:30 or 12:45 or something. I was exhausted.

Got up slowly at like 7:45, threw on some nice clothes and went out to RBC for church at 8:15. It was a good service, I really liked Mike's message about a believer's struggle with "Lord, I really believe!...but help my unbelief." It was quite interesting and an encouragement to me. It was also good to remember to not always use human reasoning to get through life, but instead to be checking our thoughts and heart with what we know of God and what is in the Bible. I need to remember that because I'm very guilty of always trying to reason and plan my way through situations. So service was nice, then I got back home and chilled for a little. Went out shopping at the mall with my mom around 11 and then went down to Tysons Corner together to shop a little more. At 1:30 I met up with Tim and Tony over at Wegman's for lunch. Had a most incredible sub sandwich. :) That was fun with them, then I went home and chilled then packed for the drive home. I left Sterling at like 4:15 or so and then went over to Sean's in Winchester about 5:15. We went out for dinner and got some excellent wings at B-Dubs. Our waiter was a crack-addict, but ah well. :P It was fun catching up with him. I left there around 7:30 and had a very relaxing drive back to Blacksburg. Had a great time thinking and praying and I figured some stuff out for once. :H I got into Blacksburg just about 10:30 and went to Liz's. It was so good to see her! :) We went for a long night walk and chatted a bit and then went back in her house and chatted a little more. It was great. Seems like it was after 1am when I finally left. :P I saw Mars on the way home which was huge and incredible to see! I hope to get out there one night to see it while its still so close. :) So, Sunday was a long but very fun day. :D

I slowly dragged out of bed after like 4 1/2 hours of sleep and went off to work. Got off early at 3:30 all this week because of no class, woo! After work, Liz came over at 6:30 for dinner. I made us "Hawaiian casserole" which turned out pretty decent. After dinner we walked around the area a little. Stopped and sat up in a field by Prices Fork and watched an incredible sunset go down. It was very remarkable! Also watched some sweet lightning clouds slowly come in over the field. :) Got back to my place and did a little Bible study, talked some, and then she gave me a much-needed haircut. Turned out great and then we had ice cream before she left for the evening around 11:30 or so. Was a nice day. :)

Work came and went again, not too much new going on there. After work, I took some quiet time and then went over to Liz's in a huge thunderstorm around 4:30 or so. Kind of exciting driving! :P Then just hung out there the rest of the afternoon and evening. She had a lot to do, but it was cool just being around her. I spent some time with Laura tracking down impersonaters on her blog by IP. That was a lot of fun. :) Other than that, didn't do too much. Had dinner with her family and stuff and then got to talk with Liz for a little. I was tired and left just before 11. Got home, spent some time with Shadow and got to bed by like 11:30 or so.

Work and the like and then went home and did some household tasks and whatnot. Went out and picked up Liz at 6 for our adventure. I tried to surprise her a little and took her up to Wind Rock, just past Mountain Lake. Its some cliffs on top of the mountain and it overlooks a valley and a ton of other mountains and is just one of the prettiest spots around. I was stoked because nobody else was there when we got there and nobody else came! It was sweet. :) We sat up there and ate a bag dinner of sandwiches that I made, then had a really nice Bible study before enjoying a really beautiful sunset. It was so nice. :) It got a little cold when the sun went down, but we stayed a little when the stars were coming out. Very incredible. :D Had a great time with her and some good talks too. :) We stayed on top until almost 10 and it was too cold to go on. Got back to her place and dropped her off. Then I got to bed at like 11:30. Very fun day. :)

Well, it was grand reminiscing. Guess I'm done for now. :)

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