Thursday, August 11, 2005

Been A Week, I Reckon

Time to play catch-up again:

Last Wednesday:
I can't remember this say very well. I do know that I went to work and class and then after work I think I went to Liz's house and hung out there for awhile. I had a test to study for, so I spent a lot of my time there studying. I think we went for a nice walk around dusk or something. :-) Had grilled chicken dinner with her family which was most excellent. I think I went home fairly early to get some rest for my test.

Work, then a long test during class. Kinda sucked, but I made it through. After work, Liz came over and we went for a walk down around Foxridge and stuff. It was very pretty out. :) Then she left and Curt came over around 7:45 and we had Domino's for dinner. Then we hung around and chilled all evening. Sat upstairs, threw darts downstairs and then spent a lot of time talking out in the back. It was very cool to hang with him as usual. :) I think he left at like 12:15 or something.

Worked, then instead of class had this silly experiment thing to do. But we got credit for it and stuff, so that was okay. After work, I came and then Liz came over and we ate some left over Domino's for a few before heading out around 6:15. We drove over to Floyd and met up with Curt and Joey for bluegrass jamboree night. It was a lot of fun again. :-) Highlights were probably having the lady Ronnie Stoneman come up to us outside in the street and start talking with us and playing banjo and telling stories. Apparently she's some old bluegrass star and was on a T.V. show and stuff. Anyhow, she was pretty funny and really down-to-earth and kept us and the crowd that surrounded us pretty entertained. :-P She was amazing on banjo too...I mean, wow! So that was neat. We saw some great bluegrass outside the country store and inside. Liz and I danced a few songs near the end which was fun and very tiring. It's SO hot up on the dance floor! Had some great ice cream from there too. :-) Liz and I left around 10:30. Fun night! :-)

Today was a pretty slow day. I woke up about 7:30 and then spent the early morning getting some stuff cleaned up and organized. Then late morning and early afternoon I took a lot of time out just to think about my relationship with Liz, pray about stuff and write stuff down. I got caught up on some journaling that I had been meaning to do, so that was good. It was a pretty decent thinking time, but not quite as much as I had hoped. At 4:30 over to a party that Jeff & Tyla had at their house for college students from Harvest. It was a very fun time. I had a good time talking with people, especially with getting to know John and Nicole who had just gotten married. They're a very cool couple. :-) Jeff grilled us some good food and we had a fun time playing Scattegories for about 3 hours! :-P It got intense at times (Paul is a loser...). :-P I left their house about 10:45. Then Liz was getting back into town just after 11. She was gone all day at Mema's house with her family. I really wanted to be with her, so I drove over to her house and we went on a nice night walk around the neighborhood and chatted forever. :-) Got back to her house at like 12:30 I think and then sat on the couch and talked some more. Next thing I knew, it was like 1:40 and I couldn't believe it one bit. The evening had just flown by chatting with her. It was so awesome; that hadn't happened between us in ages. :-D I got home and to bed just after 2am.

Needless to say, I slept in a bit until 8. Then got up and ready for church and got Liz at 9:30 for Sunday School. It went okay..we went over Ruth with Jeff and Tyla which was neat. The service was very cool too. The guest speaker spoke on Psalm 73, which I had just discussed with Liz a week prior. So that was neat stuff. :) After church, went back to Liz's house and she got all ready. Then we went over to my house and I got ready and we made bag lunches. Big Steve came by briefly to stop in and say hi, which was cool. He was just moving some stuff in for the semester. Then Liz and I headed down for an afternoon of tubing on the New River. :-) We went to McCoy Falls and got there at like 2:30 or 3 or something. Took some tubes out on the river and went down it. It was great, possibly the chillest thing ever. We just had two tubes (that Curt loaned us) and floated slowly down the river. Took almost an hour to do the course. You float pretty slowly and it was great just to relax and do that. We even had some great talks while we did it. :-) Sometimes the water was so low that your butt would get stuck and you'd have to get up and walk, but other than that, it was great. At the end of the course, you can get off and take the bus back, or you can go through the rapids. The rapids aren't huge, but they are FUN! That was so awesome to go Busch Gardens by a ton! The you come out and its calm again, and then walk back to the first stop, get the bus back to the beginning. We did the course a second time, but skipped the rapids because it was their closing time. I think we got out of there around 6, then went back to our places and cleaned up and stuff. Then around 9, we went to Macado's to have our planned open-honesty talk. We got a Pop's Sunday Supreme (! :-) ) and then talked and talked and talked. It was awesome. Most likely the best talk we've had in 2005, or at least it seemed that way. We left there just before closing at 12:30 and I went away feeling excited and much more happy with stuff. It was a great day. :)

Back to work, school and work. Not too much exciting there. After work I went to Liz's house and helpe her cook a little. Then went for a nice dusk walk which was very pretty and we had a nice chat about stuff. :) Came back for dinner and dessert with her family. After that we went downstair and read one of the final two chapters of our marriage book which was really good on the subject of listening. Talked for a long time after that upstairs and I think I left just before midnight.

Work, school, work. Liz left early today to go to Mema's until Friday, so it was kinda sad not getting to be with her. After work, I got the urge to clean this place up because it was becoming a pit. I cleaned the downstairs, the storage room, the kitchen, the living room, the closet, put stuff in the attic, cleaned my room, cleaned my bathroom (first time in a year!) and then did some paper organization and accounting. By the end of the evening I was pooped, but relieved and glad that stuff was so much more pleasant. :) I was passed out by 11.

Work, class was cancelled!!, continued work. :) Got off today at 3:30 for the first time in forever. It felt great. I got Shadow's appointment moved from Friday to today so I took her over there at 3:45 to get her yearly shots and checkup. She was not a happy camper at all and was so scared with the doctor and angry at me for awhile after. Oh well...silly cats. It was cool to see Kara at the vet, though. :) I got shadow back home around 4:30 and then drove back out to McCoy Falls after realizing that I had left my driver's license there on Sunday! They had it and I got that back and then came back home to make some dinner. After dinner, I took a brief nap and then worked on my homework from 8 and got it done around 10. Liz called me just after that which was great to hear from her. We talked for almost an hour, then I got interrupted, called her back and we talked for nearly another hour. :-D It was good stuff and I was so thankful to get to talk with her. :-) Think I got to bed just after midnight.

That ends this session. Until next week....

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