Tuesday, May 03, 2005

wasting more time

there's not much else to do currently...

Good stuff this afternoon:
-got my room cleaned all up and stuff packed and ready to roll on Thursday
-everybody and their grandmother has sworn up and down about how much weight I've lost; I finally decided to check it out for myself, and yup, I was at 174 today. That's the lowest I can remember since like 8th grade. :-D Liz, enjoy it now, its all downhill from here (or uphill if you want to look at it in numerical terms)
-felt like an idiot as I called Creative support and asked them to send me a new AC adapter and then was told that I can't have one but was able to buy one for cheap from their website...somehow I overlooked the blatant "Accessories for your Mp3 player" area. But, I have one coming out to me in a week, so my Mp3 player shall live once more! :-D
-got to see my sisters play in the Dominion vs. Pot Falls softball game; wasn't sure who to cheer for- my sisters' team, or my high school; regardless, Dominion won 9-1, Kristin pitched great and had some big hits and Kat had a nice hit; it was very fun to see them playing, especially Kristin; I was very impressed by her poise and how she handled herself and kept the team in line, I think I'm really going to enjoy having her at Tech with me :)
-got some funny phone messages from my lady; she seems like she's in a good mood, can't wait to talk to her tonight :D
-borrowing wireless Internet in my room from my neighbor :P

Bad stuff this afternoon:
-for the first time in the history of time, my Dad did not have a tool; now I need to buy a set of longnecked torques to get my razor open and be able to shave again
-my face looks like a bear

Stoked to have a big dinner of pancakes, sausage and eggs tonight. :-D :-D I skipped lunch today and spent the morning and afternoon snacking on a huge pack of Skittles. I've probably put down a couple hundred. :P

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