Tuesday, May 03, 2005


It's only halfway through Tuesday...holy crap I'm going to die.

Good things this morning:
-got some stuff with NSWC ironed out. Trying to keep my connection with them open for possible after-grad work.
-got my credit card back on track so they don't shut me down for using it in the U.S.
-got my fried electric hair trimmer sent off so I can get a new one under warranty
-drove butt-far to Bailey's Crossroads and got a replacement part for my broken $70 beard razor for $5

Bad things this morning:
-traffic sucked, humans are morons
-tried to surpise-visit my Dad at Case around lunch time, but he wasn't there
-went to Radio Shack and they had every possible voltage adapter except for the 5V that I need for my MP3 player and they said that I can't find one except through Creative so this shall be a pain to deal with...
-cell phone reception at my house

New perspective of the morning:
I figured out how people survive in Nova driving. Make it fun. Act as if every road you're on has no rules and you're in a race car and competing against everyone else. It works wonders and makes life so much more fun. :)

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LizC said...

Way to be unavailable...

Also, my email is acting retarded since it's on DSL. I may need you to fix it for me (save me, goodly knight!).

:) Call me, if you ever get my messages. :)