Saturday, April 09, 2005

Prague, Czech Republic

Today was our last day in Prague and it was pretty nice. Got up a little later around 8:00 and then Liz and I headed off to the city around 8:40. We spent the morning shopping around, getting food and doing some Internet business. At 12:30 we met Carmen again for lunch and went out to a nice place that was way over our budget so we walked out of there and went to a much cheaper place that was good too. So that was fun and Carmen hung out with us for an hour or two more as we did some more shopping around the city. I think she left us around 3, then Liz and I finished up shopping and headed back to the hostel and got there a little before 5. We chilled for a bit, had some good quiet times and then had a nice chat to figure some stuff out for about 50 minutes until just before 7. :) Then the group came back and we went out to dinner with them around 8. We found a Greek place to eat that we thought was cheap but it ended up being insanely expensive and the food wasn't that good either. :-/ Oh well. After dinner we hurridely walked to find this big Irish pub that I saw had "sports satellite tv" advertised and I really had a huge craving to watch the Masters golf tournament, but alas they weren't showing it. :-( But, we joined back up with the whole group at 10 and we went to Mc Donald's so the others could have some food. I refused to buy anything because it would go against my anti-eating-American-food-in-Europe-campaign. It was bad enough that I set food in said establishment. :-P Anyhoo, nobody went out on the town tonight because we were going to for Pam's birthday but she's been really sick so most everybody went back to the hostel with her. Liz and I left McD's around 10:30 and then decided it would be a good idea to figure out train tickets for our 7:30am train tommorow. So we walked around a new part of the city which was cool and went to a train station which was the wrong one and then took the metro to the right one and talked to three different people before finally getting through to somebody and being able to buy train tickets. It was quite an affair, but we got it all done and stayed safe and it wasn't all too bad. Got back to the hostel just after midnight and now am prepping for some sleep!

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