Friday, April 08, 2005

Prague, Czech Republic

Our overnight train from Strasbourg got in this morning at 8:15. With the group we figured out how to use the confusing metro to get up near to our hostel and then spent awhile trying to find it. Finally did and checked in around 9:45. Then we walked towards the main part of the city. Liz and I broke off and spent some time trying to find an Internet place and then when we did, took awhile trying to find an ATM. It was ridiculous. But we finally got both, then spent about an hour doing stuff on the Internet. Left there at 11:20 and then headed towards a subway station to meet Liz's friend that she met in Munich, Carmen. We took the metro and made it to the station just in time at 12:15 but Carment wasn't there so we were concerned, but she showed up about 5 minutes later so it all worked out. :) She showed us around that part of the city a little which was cool and then we met up with her friend Jessica for lunch at 1:30. We ate at a vegetarian Indian place which was actually like three doors away from our internet place. It was really random how that worked out, but the food was decent and very cheap. Prague is pretty cheap in general because the exchange rate is lousy for them. That was cool, then Liz, me and Carmen walked around to some major sites in Prague. Carmen left us around 3:30 and we walked up the the big castle which was kinda neat. There was a cool cathedral up there too. We finally got tired with everything and then walked back to the hostel. It was a good hike and we got back around 5:45 and then just chilled out for awhile. Went out with the group to dinner at a Czech food place at 7:30. It seemed all good at first but ended up sucking. We didn't leave there until after 10, they forgot to order our food so we had to order twice, they over charged us for drinks and they charged us for appetizers that we didn't get. It was pretty ridiculous and didn't make me too happy. But, whatever, so we finally got back here to the hostel to shower and hang out for a bit. I'll probably get to bed fairly soon I guess.

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