Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Today was decent. I was very tired this morning and couldn't wake up until about 7:45. Then showered and went down for breakfast at 8:30 with Liz. English class was from 9-12 and then lunch. After lunch I went up to Pabiana and did some laundry then had a good quiet time and thinking time to figure things out. Went back to the Casa for Italian class at 2:15 and it went okay. I found out that I can indeed drop it, so I think I might do that since it serves no purpose for me. That went until 3:30, then I went back up to Pabiana and spent some more time thinking and in prayer. Around 5, met up with Liz and we had a good talk for a little bit. Dinner was at 6 and then I spent the evening mostly trying to plan for spring break with Liz. We got some good stuff figured out for that but there's still a lot to do! Went up to Pabiana around 10:30 and packed up for our weekend trip tommorow. Going to get to bed now.

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