Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Blue in Green

Hey out there. Today was okay. Got up around 7:30, showered and had breakfast with Liz at 8:30. PolySci class was from 9-12. Lunch at 12:15. Then after lunch I finished up putting new pictures up, emailing some people and then spent about 3 hours writing my PolySci paper. Got it done just before dinner at 6:15. Dinner went well, then I spent some time working on some other things and did some homework. Called my mom at 8 and we had a nice chat for about an hour. I'm so stoked for this phone card that you can buy here- its only like 7 cents/minute to call back home. :-D So that was great to hear from her and then I played around some more before going up to Pabiana a little before 10 with Liz. Dan was having his 21st birthday and they made him a cake so we chilled up there with them and then they went out to Bar Ticino around 11. Liz and I hung out there and were mostly bored, but figured we'd try and be sociable so we stayed until about 12:15. They had a big midnight bash for him which was interesting. Came back here and tried to go to bed around 12:30 but couldn't so I went down and talked with Liz for about two hours. We needed some resolution so our relationship won't experience nuclear fallout. It's been a very trying last few days. :-/ I'm glad we talked though, and now I'm tired.

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