Saturday, January 29, 2005

Lightning Crashes

Well, today, in one word, was frigid. :) Dragged out of bed around 7:40, showered and such, then met Liz for breakfast around 8:30. After eating bread and water, we headed off and caught a train around 10 to go to Lucern. The ride went well and we got there about noon or so. We wandered around the city a little and it was freezing cold out, it was just insane! Found a Migros (European Wal-Mart) and we bought some food. Then went into their restraunt and made some warm swiss cheese ans salami sandwiches which were wonderful. In the process though, we got reamed out by a German Migros worker who I think wanted us to leave since we weren't buying anything. But, we couldn't understand him, so we stayed, lol. :P After the yummy lunch, we spent the afternoon randomly exploring Lucern. It is a pretty neat city with lots of unique character to it. The building architecture was like nothing I've ever seen. Very, very fancy and upkept. Parts of it were very medevial too, making me think that I had stepped onto the set of Robin Hood or something. :D There were a number of old castle-type structures around, but we only got to one of them. It was a big castle wall with turrets all around it. I really enjoyed seeing that. They also had a big festival of sorts going on in Lucern and it was really weird. There were marching bands and they wre dressed up in weird costumes with like goblins or ghosts or witch faces. It was like Halloween or something there; very strange. Anyhow, we decided to leave Lucern around 6pm and head back to Interlaken for the night. The train we were on kinda sucked and eventually died, so we had to switch trains and were delayed about 30 minutes. We finally got back to Balmer's a little before 9. Then, Liz and I had another nice meal of swiss cheese and salami sandwiches, then spent an hour or so reading and discussing the first two chapters of a dating/relationship book that seems pretty good. That went well, and we are both really exhausted, so I think it would be a good idea to go to bed early tonight. :D

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