Monday, December 06, 2004

Wasted Time appears I am behind in my bloggage. Okay, well back to Saturday then. Got up around 9 and then worked on fixing Liz's blog page for an hour or two. Then did some other stuff, made lunch, and then Tim came over to watch the VT-Miami game at 1. So, we hung out and watched that and fixed the gas stove downstairs and I was excited about that, so we don't have to freeze down there any more. :) Steve came over at 3ish and hung out too and we watched Miami loose pitifully to us! woo! After the game, Tim, Steve and I played N64 for a few hours which was really fun. We played some games that I hadn't touched in like 5 years. Good stuff. :) Steve left around 8:30 and then me and Tim went downtown to Sharkey's with some of his friends for awhile. Got home about 2am then hung out with Bo and Chril until about 4am before passing out. Yipes...then got up on Sunday about 12:15. Went over to Liz's about an hour later for lunch and hung out in the afternoon doing homework and helping her with her website. We went to evening church at 6, then got back for more of the same at her house and dinner. It was nice to spend the evening with her and was a little more sane than the previous night. I was at Liz's until like 2:15am working with her on her website. She got it pretty much all done though, so that's great. :) So that was fun and I came home to rest and thus end a quite interesting weekend.

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