Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Stone

morning Blog. Well, yesterday was entirely boring. Got up late, around 10, had breakfast and a quiet time, then worked on some stuff. Then had lunch, then worked on some more catch-up activities until 3. At 3 I went to Torgerson and did an extra-credit experiment which was kinda cool. I got to use one of those virtual-reality masks and move around in a 3D computer environment. It was really neat, except I felt sick by the end of it all. :-/ After that, I went over to Italian class, which went okay. Got out of there, came home, worked on a few other things, made dinner, then spent the evening mostly working on updating my website with new pictures. I had so many to update, edit, and upload that it took forever. But, I was happy because I finally got that checked off my list. :) I was tired though and got to bed around 2am.

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Justin said...

haha...fine, that was kinda fun....and oh, i've lived the 28k experience; 16.8k to be exact :O