Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Scientist's late. Oh well. Um, today was cool. I got up at 8 and then had a really good quiet time and stuff. :) Then cleaned up and then spent an hour or so updating software on my computer and on my laptop. Then played on my guitar for awhile which was fun to do for the first time in weeks. :) Started to study a little bit after 11:30 for my HCI final exam. Then ate some lunch and ended up spilling milk all over my keyboard. :-/ Now, it's broken and I have to use this small piece of crap keyboard that I hate and my fingers get sore. :-( I studied some more, then went off to my exam at 2. It went really excellent, I was so happy! I think I did really well on it; I'm stoked. :P Got done in almost exactly and hour and then went over to Liz's house around 3:20. I helped her study stuff for her exam tommorow and then we had some nice leftover dinner together. :) Then went off to Awana at 6:30 which went pretty well, but wasn't too eventful. After Awana all the peeps rolled out to Mill Mountain, but it was too packed, so we went off to Taco Bell instead and chilled. 'Twas a real nice time. :) After that, we came back to Liz's around 10:30 and I helped her to study some more for her exam. Left there about 11:45, came back here, chatted with Chris for a long time and now I REALLY need to jump into bed.

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