Wednesday, December 15, 2004


hiya blogger. Today was coolio. Got up around 8 and had an okay quiet time, but I was really tired and couldn't focus really well. Then went off and met Liz and Amanda at a coffee shop to chill and talk. 'Twas a nice time and great to finally meet my secret blog-commenter, Amanda. :D After that, went to Kroger briefly, then back home. I was feeling really blah and tired for some reason and lacking any motivation to do anything. It really sucked. I finally got the urge to make some lunch and start studying a little around 12:30. So, I studied downstairs by the fireplace for about 2 hours. Then, finally had enough of my blahness mood, so I broke down and spent the next half-hour just in strong prayer. It was awesome. God is so good; He really helped me to gain a better perspective and outlook and I felt a ton better. :) Went off to my OS exam at 3:20 and that went okay I think. I was able to get through it without being too nervous and I got done in just under an hour, so that was cool. Hopefully I did okay! :) After the exam was done I went over to Liz's and helped to get ready for the dinner we were putting on. Bryan and Stevie, our roomates in Switzerland next semester, came over around 6:30ish and we had a nice time talking and then all grubbed down on a ton of lasagna and good stuff. :) It was grand. Then we all studied Italian for a little bit, but I was falling asleep, so luckily we took a break and all ate an awesome peanut butter pie that Liz made. :H mmmm! It was great, then Stevie left and me, Bryan, and Liz studied some more Italian. I was a goober, but it was fun and I had some great laughs. Laughs are the bestest. :H Bryan left about 10:30, then Liz and I sat and had a fun chat until just about midnight. It's becoming ever increasingly hard to stop talking with her and just finally leave. Oh well... God is so good to us and I'm just needing and trying to be ever increasingly grateful for the times that he does give us to be together. :) Well, I'm so happy and smiley right now, I doubt I'll be able to sleep, but I suppose I should give it a shot. :) :) :)

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yay and yay! :)