Friday, December 31, 2004

Recovering The Satellites

Hiya blog. Today was fun. Got up around like 8ish and had a great quiet time for the first time all week. I've really been slacking, so it was really good finally. :) After that, spent a little time finalizing some accounting stuff I was doing and then Jeremy had come in at about 4am, so I spent time chatting with him and helping him with some stuff. At noon I went over to Best Wishes and got to eat lunch with the finest lady around. :D Was nice to see Liz, then I went out and ran a bunch of errands around town and such. Got home around 2:30 and then Tony rolled in around 3. So us three hung out in the afternoon and chilled. Watched the movie Collateral which ended up being really, really good. Tom Cruise was like the baddest bad guy possible, I loved it. He needs to always be a bad guy from now on. :P After that, we went out to PK's and got some pizza, but they weren't doing to Tijuana Toss because of the holidays. :-/ Oh well, it was fun though, then we went to Hokie House and shot pool for awhile. Then Jer went home to sleep and me and Tony went over to The Underground and played a few rounds of darts. Then Liz called and told me that all the peeps were hanging out at Sonic, so Tony and I went over there to chill at 0. Liz and I shared a "pancake on a stick". It was great. :H So that was nice. I think we left there around 10, then went back here and watched like 6 Family Guy episodes until just a little while ago. Good day! :)

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