Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bullet The Blue Sky

Hiya blogger. Today was grandiferous. :) Got up at like 8 and had breakfast. Then spent some time getting a few things organized before heading over to campus at 10 to help Professor Taylor fix some stuff with his computer. That was a great deal of fun working with him, as we were able to talk a lot about Europe things and plans for Riva also. :) Got done with that at noon, then went by Best Wishes on the way home to go see Liz and say hi. She looked smashingly beautiful today and I was excited to get to have lunch with her as well. :-H We ate for 30 minutes and then I left at 1. Went home and then met with a girl who had called me about subleasing my place. I showed her around and she loved it and now is going to move in on January 2nd!! Yay, God is so good! So, that was just awesome, and I'm super happy to get one of the rooms taken care of. Just got one more to go! :-) Then spent the rest of the afternoon working on bills, paperwork, etc, etc. Stuff like that, which was annoying, but good to get done. At 5:30 I went over to Professor Taylor's house and fixed his home computer and then spent awhile chatting with him and his wife about more stuff. It was quite fun. He has the most amazing house too. It looks like a castle on the outside with a big bridge to the front door, and the inside is really neat too. And he has an amazing backyard view of the mountains and valley. It was quite spectacular. :) Left there at 6:15, then came home and finished up my demeaning activities, then went out to Liz's at 8. Picked her up and we went downtown to the new Subway for dinner. We decided first to drive to the top of the new parking garage/building and we parked there and then walked out to see a beautiful high view of the town and campus and stuff. It was quite neat! :) As we were standing there, the night-guard came by and started chatting with us. He told us all about the building project and stuff and then gave us a tour of the whole building and showed us all the rooms that were under construction and stuff. It was really neat. :) He was mighty nice and really talkative. That was cool, then we ate our Subway dinner together and then went off to drive around and look at Christmas lights. There wasn't a whole heck of a lot of lights around unfortunatley. We saw some nice ones, but for the most part it was more fun just looking at different house styles and stuff. I love doing that. :) So, we had a nice time, then came back to Liz's around 11 and sat and had some hot chocolate together and chatted for awhile. It was nice to just wind down the day and relax with Liz. I really enjoyed that and it ended my day just great. :D Left there a little after 12, came back here to surf the Web and chat with Sol for way too long. I need sleep!!!

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