Monday, December 13, 2004

John The Revelator

:P Good early morning people. :-/ Today was nice. Got up at 8 then went off to Sunday school at 9:30, then church at 11. Steve C. came out to church today- I was so excited, yay!! Hopefully he got something good from the message. :) After church, I went with Liz back to her house for an awesome lunch with the fam. Had a fun time chillin with them and then Liz and I started work on two big lasagnas for dinner on Tuesday. We spent from like 3:30-5 working on them and then took a break and talked over Europe stuff and made some preliminary plans for weekends and stuff. That was really sweet to do and I'm so excited for the trip now. :D At 6:30 we went over to the Baker's for their open house for the church. There were like 10 million people there, it was nuts. But we had a nice time and I got to talk with some peeps. :) Got home from there about 8:30 and then finished working on the lasagna's. It was really fun cookin with Liz and such. :) A tad before 11, I determined it would be a good idea to start studying for my Geology exam at 7:45 this morning. :P So, I crammed and Liz sat there and really helped me a ton by asking my questions about stuff. So, we studied until almost 2am when I left finally. To reiterate, Final exam in 5 hours, w00t!!

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