Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Reflections On Uninspiration

So, what to do when you feel uninspired to do something? One is, you can procrastinate and put it off by doing other miniscule, pointless things. For instance, sitting in the library on your laptop, reading the same news over and over again, sorting your favorites list, and blogging about how you feel uninspired. Or, if you really, really, really need to get the uninspired task done, you can involve yourself in some other task that is much more painful than the uninspired one. For instance, sitting through a 75 minute Geology lecture with a very boring professor would be much more painful than writing program code. Therefore, I think I may do that now. I need inspiration to code, so I'm going to go inflict pain of another sort on myself in order to see how much fun programming can be in contrast.

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