Monday, November 01, 2004

Meeting Of The Waters

yup. Okay, let's recap today really quick before I die. Got up at 7, had a nice breakfast quiet time in Isaiah, then got some stuff done around my room. Headed to OS class at 10:10 and it was decent. Then went to the library for an hour and worked on my program on my laptop. Then off to Stats class at 12:20. Man, it was painful. We had a whole class today with lots of notes and stuff. Felt like it would never end. Then I went off and decided to go to Squired instead of the library to work on my program some more. Sat down and was setting up my laptop, then much to my surprise, Liz happened by to hang out. Guess she spotted me from afar. :) So that was neat and we worked together there until she had to leave for piano at 2:30. She came back at 3 and we studied for the Italian test together until class at 4. Took the test then and it was icky. Don't think I did very hot, I just don't feel confident in my Italian at all. :-/ It really took a lot out of me also, I've just felt exhausted ever since that test. :( Anyhoo, got back home and made dinner, then started back into coding more of my program. Worked on it from about 6:45 until 11:15, when I finally just said, screw it, I can't handle this anymore. My head hurts so bad, I'm in a lousy mood and I can't wait to sleep. Programming makes me into a horrible human being, I hope my needs to program in future life will be extremely minimal. :-/

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