Monday, November 01, 2004


well, okay, I was too tired to blog last night, so I'll do it this morning I suppose. So, yesterday went well for the most part. Woke up a little after 8, meaning that I got a really good amount of sleep. :) Then went off to sunday school at 9:30. Gene's message was really awesome, I enjoyed it a bunch. Mostly about the power of prayer and how much we need it and stuff. Then church was good too...'twas communion Sunday and that was really cool to help me to focus and continue to fix my relationsip with God. So, after church, Liz invited me over to her place for lunch with her fam. Was very cool, then after lunch we worked on homework and stuff together all afternoon. I worked on my program the whole time. Went for a nice little walk to catch the sunset which was cool. It was such a beautiful day today! :D After the walk, we hustled off to evening church/prayer meeting which was nice too. Then came back to her house and programmed the rest of the evening away. Blah, I hate programming. But having Liz there makes it more bearable. =P So, the evening was nice and I left a little after 12, got back here and was soooooo tired and got to bed by 12:30. :)

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