Friday, November 19, 2004


Just realized that I didn't really blog last night. Guess I could now while I'm bored. Well, yesterday was decent I guess. I got up at 7, had good breakfast and quiet time and then spent a couple hours studying for my Geology test. Went to that at 11 and was done with it by 11:15. Found out today I got an 84, so I guess that's pretty good. After the test, went to the bank, then came home, made lunch and had more quiet time and thought time. Then just wasted the afternoon in thought and in doing a whole lot of nothing. Picked up Liz at 5:30 and we went to Harvest and had a tailgate party/cookout with the peeps before the Hokies game. That was good times, then Liz, me, Curt, Paul and Tim went to the game. We sat up in the stands and then later Liz and I went to the North end zone which was craziness. It was so crowded and wild there, but also very entertaining. :) We had a good time. Liz and I decided to leave at halftime, since it was starting to rain, it was crowded, and the score was 41-3. :P So we went to Deet's and talked about things for quite awhile. Was a great chat. Took her home around 11:30, I think it was, then I just came back here and slept.

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