Monday, November 15, 2004

The Hammer Holds

Ugh, another tired morning. :-/ Well, yesterday was nice. Got up around 8 and got ready for church. Spent way too long shining my shoes and ended up being 10 minutes late for Sunday school, but whatever. It was okay, and the service was decent too. After all that, went to Kroger to get some foodage, then had lunch and quiet time for awhile. That went well, then I worked on my CS homework for awhile. Didn't have too much success, so I went out in the backyard and read my CS book for an hour or so to see if I was missing anything logically. Didn't figure too much out. :-/ But, then I went and picked Liz up at 5:45 and we went off to evening church. It was okay, then afterwards we went back to Liz's house, she made us omelets...mmmmm :)....then gave me a nice haircut to get ready for my interview today and then we had some good talks and prayer time and whatnot. Was a nice evening. :) Got home around 12:15, then finished submitting my CS homework and stuff and got to bed around 1.

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