Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I'm so tired!! Ugh! Okay, today was good. Got up early, went to Geo lab at 8, and it took forever. Then to the library from 10-11 and couldn't get myself to code, so I wasted time there. Liz came by briefly and said hi. :D Then off to Geo lecture at 11. Got a ton of good coding done during this class. :) We got out early too, like 30 minutes early which was cool. Then went over to Owens for peeps lunch which was a grand time. After lunch, Liz and I sat on the drillfield and chatted/did homework for a bit. It was just the most perfect weather out today! :) So that was fun, then I went to HCI class at 2. It was boringly dumb and I spent the time learning about traveling in Europe and hostels, which was good to learn. After class, went home and worked on emailing people I've been putting off for like a week now, then spent awhile updating and putting more stuff on the CBF page. Finally got that done and finally got my HCI group to organize a plan for our project due Thursday. Then had dinner at 6 and read a little in Isaiah. :) Then started designing the page for our HCI project. Did that for the whole evening up until now.
Here's the old page:
Old Page
Here's the new page:
New Page

That took WAY too long to make and far too many brain cells. :-/ Oh well, I hope it's okay. I did have a nice break in the action from 9-10 though. I went over and met Liz and Rebecca at Macado's and we got some dessert and hung out and chatted a bit. 'Twas a nice time. :) Then came back and beat my head against Dreamweaver some more and watched the election results come in. Looks like Bush is going to win, woohoo!!! I can sleep in peace, thank goodness. :D

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