Saturday, October 30, 2004

Thin Air

okay, I reckon I'll journal about my day a little. Got up at 7 and had some breakfast and quiet time which was nice. Then worked on some more bill/organization stuff, then got ready for school. Went to OS class at 10:10 and it was decent. Then met Liz and Steve C. over at Owens for lunch. We chilled there and talked about Europe and stuff. Then Liz and I walked over to my Stats class and I was 5 minutes late but right as we got there, everyone was coming out. Apparently our class is ahead and McGill forgot to bring the notes or something so he cancelled class. So that was great. :) So Liz and I got to walk and chat a bit more which was nice. Then I went off to the bank and off to pay my rent, then got back a little after 1. Tried to start on my CS project, but was so tired, that I just decided to take a nap instead. So I slept for about 2 hours, then got up around 4 and started on my project. Pretty much worked on it from around 4, until about 11:30 with a one hour break for dinner/watch Seinfeld. So all in all it's been a rather blah and boring evening and day. I didn't get hardly anything accomplished on my project that I really wanted to. I don't know where the time goes. :-/ At least I have it organized now though. Meh. I'm going to bed...

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