Friday, October 29, 2004

Long Black Veil

fo shizzelet. Well, today was decent I suppose. Tried getting up at 7 and then succumed to laziness and intense tiredness and slept until 10:15. Got ready for class and went off to my 11am Geo lecture. It went okay, I spent the time on my laptop looking up places to travel in France and Greece. :) Class got out at 12, then I went into the library and spent about 2 hours updating some software on my laptop and then researching more Europe stuff. Decided to go to my HCI class at 2 and shouldn't have. It's such a ridiculously pointless class. Went there, did nothing, got out 30 minutes early at 2:45. Then drove to Wal-Mart, bought some food ans stuff, went to Kroger, bought more food, then to Food Lion to buy even more food. Stocked up for my big party this weekend. :) Got all done with that by around 4:30, then cleaned up the kitchen and started making dinner. I made a hiwaiian dish with mac and cheese and green beans for Liz and I tonight. It turned out fantabulous. :D She came over a little after 6, ate with me and chatted for awhile and left a little after 10. It was a very nice time and some good chats. Lots to think about now. :) Once she left, I went for a walk around the neighborhood for about an hour. Got back about 11:30, then wasted some time around here with stuffs. I guess I should try to go to bed now, but I just ate cake and ice cream and feel mightily awake, lol. :P

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