Monday, October 25, 2004

I Alone

man, what a great Live song. :) Looking back on the day today, it was quite nice. Got up early for church. Sunday school was nice with Gene Ziesel back and we had a good message on the realities of Hell which was rather convicting. Then the church message was cool too about keeping the Sabbath and what that means. Raised a lot of questions in my mind and stuff to ponder. So that went well, then Liz and I went to the Mosher's house and looked at their 52-pound pumpkin which was ridiculous. :P I want one! hehe, then we went to The Baker's for their college students party that they put on each semester. Got some good food and hung out and chatted a bit with peeps and it was fun. :) Left around 2, then came home and spent the afternoon working on my Stats homework and studying a little for my test on that tommorow. That was great to get all done with. :) Picked Liz up a little before 6 and we went back for evening church. It was the baptismal service tonight and it was really cool to see people taking part in that and hearing their testimonies and whatnot. :) I really need to do that sometime too. Service got over at 7, then Liz and I went back to her place, had some dinner and then worked on homework together until 11. I got a lot of Italian stuff done, which was sweet. :) At 11, we went to take a little walk around the neighborhood. It was kinda foggy out and it just really made it pretty and it was so quiet and nice. We got into some really good subjects and stuff and before I knew it, it was 12:45, lol. :P It's so great talking with Liz and just hanging out with her, the time just flies and I can't ever believe it. :D But anyhow, I left there around then, got back here at 1am, and should probably go to bed sometime soon. :)

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