Sunday, October 10, 2004


hmm, well, I apparently forgot to blog for yesterday. In that case, I guess I'll work backwards. Okay, Friday was awesome day. Got up early and went down and got my Passport paperwork done in Christiansburg FINALLY. Then got to campus a little early and had some time to walk around in the beautiful morning. Then went to OS class. It went fairly well, then I ran off to the library and did a good quiet time for an hour. I was just dying to read my Bible, my heart really needed some guidance. That went great and I was feeling a lot better, then went to Stats class. Sat there for about 10 minutes while McGill was just sitting talking with students. Finally he gets up and is like, "okay, why is nobody here? I'm pissed, so I'm going to give you the answer to a hard homework problem and don't tell anybody go home." And that was that...out of class in 15 minutes, lol. :D Then, met up with Liz for some lunch. We got Hokie Grill stuff, then sat on a bench outside and had a very nice talk. :H Really boosted my mood a lot. Then we parted a little before 3 and I went home to waste some time. At 5, Liz and I met up at the VT course to play some golf. It was packed with other people though, so we decided to go walk at Pandapas Pond instead. It was shweet. So pretty out and a really nice walk around. I think we spent like 2 hours there until dark, then went over to the mall to shop a bit. We looked at coats for her, which was entertaining, then looked at some new shoes for me. They closed at 9, then we went to Wal-Mart for a bit, and then back to my place. Microwaved some leftover dinner and chilled and watched the end of the debate and stuff. That was really nice and relaxing and really ended a very nice and very fun day. :) I think Liz left around 11:30. I went to bed shortly after. Tried to wake up at 7 this morning and then was like, "dude, it's Saturday, and I have nothing to do...screw this." Woke up again at about 10:30. :D Man, I felt so refreshed, it was great! Did some stuff, had lunch, then went to Liz's at 1. We went down to the picnic table at the pond by her house and did homework together until about 5:30. 'Twas a good time and had some good laughs, hehe. :) Then I came back here and had a one-man party in my backyard grilling up burgers and cheddarwursts. Oh well, it was okay. Luckily, Steve C. saved me from my misery and came over a little after 8. We hung out and watched the movie he's been bugging me about for 2 years now- Reqeium for a dream. It was actually pretty good and not nearly as depressing as he had claimed. After that we watched 2 hours of episodes from some cartoon show called Invader Zim or something like that. It's from Nickolodeon and was VERY strange. There were quite a few funny parts too though, so it was fun. :) He left about 11 or so. Then I loved on Shadow for awhile and now she likes me again. :P Just chillin out for a little bit now. Been a good day, well two days actually. :) Workin on having a fully good weekend. :D


Anonymous said...

Did you do your shopping from the swiss miss box?

Justin said...

hahaha, not yet man...she owes me a pie first. :P

Anonymous said...

Maybe more pumpkin bread instead of pie.