Sunday, September 12, 2004

Little Lilly

some more Widespread Panic for tonight. :) Well, today was great. Slowly got up a bit after 10 this morning, then went off and picked up Liz around 11:45 to go to the Hokies game. We went and ate some lunch at the Duck Pond beforehand and it was quite purdy. :) Then we ran out to the game at 1:00. It went real well, we won 63-0! :P But it was a good time there hanging with her and seeing the game. Got pretty burned tho. :-/ So we left a bit after the 3rd quarter, then went back to her place and took a quick walk around, which was great. It was so pretty out today. :) Then I went off and met with Sean at the course and we played 9 holes at 5:30. The evening was just perfect out, it was amazing. :P So that was cool getting to see him and hang for a bit. After that, we went to PKs and got some wings and chilled for a couple hours. Then we went over to Rivermill and met up with some of Sean's old college buddies and hung out there and played darts for a couple hours. That was pretty fun and stuff and then I got back here a bit before midnight. I'm SO exhausted!!


Anonymous said...

Who keeps anonymously posing as me?


Justin said...

I dunno...a secret admirer perhaps? :-0 better watch out!

Justin said...

>anonymously posing

wait a that possible?? =P