Saturday, September 11, 2004

Like a Hurricane

...some Neil Young this morning. Also, like my day yesterday. Man, I'm tired, haha! Mmm, let's see. Went to school a bit early and then just spent about 40 minutes walking around the drillfield thinking and praying. It was a such a beautiful morning and I really needed that to kick my day off right. :) So that was coolness, then I went to OS class which was entirely boring. :( After that, I met up with Liz. We had lunch and a nice chat. Then I was inspired by the unanimous decision of 5 flips of a nickel to go chill at Liz's house and do some homework. So we did that for a bit and then went outside over to the pond and did homework there too and it was coolness. Then she had to go at 4, and it was just amazingly gorgeous out, so I decided to go on a semi-random drive. I ended up going deep into West Virginia and then somewhere deep into southwest Viginia. It was an awesome drive, I had so much fun!! I haven't gone exploring and let loose in my car in like 3 years, hehe. I loved it. But then I got so far out, that I had to haul back to Liz's house to pick her up at 7. We went off to Jesse and Ila's party at their house and it was great. Like everyone in the world was there and it was so much fun. :) :) Good times, then we left a bit before midnight. Took Liz home, but she forgot her keys, so we spent a good deal of time trying to break into the house or banging on people's windows, lol. Finally, we had to settle for the doorbell approach. It was quite entertaining, though. :) I got back here and passed out.

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