Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Ugh, I'm so dragging right now, this is ridiculous. Who ever thought cooking would be so much work? I actually got up on time this morning around 7 so that was cool. Then went to Kroger around 9 or so and spent like an hour trying to find all the little food and spices and stuff I needed to make dinner with for tonight. Got back and made a jello fruit side dish thing. It needs 6 hours to cure, so I had that done by 11. Then right as I finished that, the plumber showed up and fixed my sink and tubs, so that was cool. But that took like an hour and then it was lunch time, so I made some lunch and that took some time. Then it was about 1:30 and I started making a side salad which was so tedious and took forever. Around 3 I finally started putting together the main spinach-bake course. Took about an hour and a half to prepare the whole thing. Let it sit for an hour and had some off-time to sit down and then I stuck it in the oven around 5:30. The Pinckney's were coming at 6:30, so I figured it would be enough time. Wrong. The stupid thing refused to firm up! They showed up late anyhow, and actually it was perfect timing because it finally firmed right when they came. :) So that was awesome and their whole family came over for dinner. It all turned out pretty well I think and it was a good time to see and talk with everyone. :) They left a bit after 9 and then I spent more time in the kitchen cleaning dishes. :( So, essentially, I spent just about the entire day in the kitchen. It was ridiculous! My mom rules! :-D I dunno how she does this. I just feel so spent in every possible way. Gotta get some rest. Can't wait for tommorow, its gonna rule! =P

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