Friday, August 20, 2004


ugh...just woke up. I'm feel so pooped! Yesterday was quite a day! Got up at 7 and then left for Radford about 8:30. Then me and John went over and played golf at The Meadows in Christiansburg. It was a lot of fun, but man, we sucked! It was so bad, I just did terrible. Had like maybe 3 good holes the whole round. :-/ Oh well, it was a good time. :) So, we finished the round around 1:30 and then I went over to pick up Liz at 2:30. We tripped up to Harrisonburg to the Rockingham County Fair and to see Third Day play a show there. It was super-cool. The trip up went great and I had the best burger ever at Burger King. Those new, fat, angus beef things are sweet. :) We got into the fair a bit after 6 and then walked around and checked out some stuff. There were some cool chickens and rabbits and goats and cows and stuff to look at and that was neato. Then the Third Day show started a bit after 8, so we went over to check that out. It was really great and lots o fun. It was a pretty decent setlist and they played some nice praise songs I like a bunch. Only problem was we were standing on a field of dirt after a big thunderstorm and it was SO muddy! Kinda gross, but we survived. :) Show ended just before 10, then we went over to ride some of the fair rides. We did some sorta circular rollercoaster type thingy first and that was lots of fun. Then we did the scrambler and I think the operator went looney because he kicked it up a notch and we were flying! It was insane, I felt like the seat was gonna bust loose. So that was sweet, then we mellowed out with the big ferriswheel before we left. It was really pretty at the top, seeing the whole fair below and stuff. We left around 11, then made a stop at the cornacopia of all that's good in the world- Sheetz. :) As I was pulling into get gas, I wasn't paying much attention, then I hear Liz like, "BACKUPBACKUPBACKUP!!!!" Next thing I know, this fat black lady backs smack into my car! It was so freakish! But, luckily it was okay, just a few more battle scars... So that was an experience, then the ride home went really nice. I was just so tired but had some fun goober convos with Liz. :) Can't remember when we got back, I think maybe 1:30-2:00am or something late. I essentially just got home, checked my email, then promptly rolled over on my bed until now, hehe. :-) But, man, yesterday was so much fun. Good times. :H

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