Monday, August 09, 2004

Eep, I forgot to blog!

Forgot to do this earlier and I'm so bored here at work today, I guess I should blog about yesterday or something to keep me busy. Well yesterday was kind of an emotional rollercoaster for me. Went to church in the morning and had gotten myself worked up while I had thinking time on Saturday over some stuff with E. So I had that going and I was really nervous to see her and then we had sunday school class. It was really awesome and Mr. Batton did a cool thing where we pretended to be a persecuted church and it was really moving to me and really got me thinking and emotional about how selfish and lousy I am and how real martyrdom is. I was physically shaking after all that with so many emotions going on. Then church came and thank goodness the message was rather tame or else I might have crumpled in a smoldering mess of emotion. So then I went home and put some finishing touches on the townhouse. Then sat around for a few hours and thought a lot about life and the sunday school message and stuff with E. It was really good thinking but I got myself worked up also. So, I decided to leave for home around 4:30 and started driving back. Then E called me since we had talked about hanging out. I'm so glad she called cause I had worked this massive frog into my heart and it was just slowly ripping out and wanting to jump out and boy did it ever. We talked about 45 minutes then she went to church, then came back and we talked almost 2 hours more. It was so good though, I really needed some relief from the stupid thoughts I had built up inside of me. I just hope I didn't push the envelope too much and mess her up at all. But I think it was good. We need these talks from time to time. So, that made my trip 5 hours instead of 4, but it was good. :) It was also interesting driving that whole time with Shadow on my lap. Had to shake my leg awake on many occasions, haha. So that was my day yesterday. I guess it all worked out well and I'm better at peace in life today. Unfortunatley, just found out that E's grandmother just had a stroke and that's really kinda made me sit back over the last hour and just Brings it all into perspective. I really hope she's okay, the timing is really bad with all these emotions all over the place. :-( Well, I guess I'm off of work now, better go home.

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