Saturday, July 10, 2004

toothy! :H

Yeah, that pretty much sums up my day today. :) It was great! Work went really well. I only put in a normal 8 today, hehe. And the incredilby-impossible problem that I was banging my head against, I had a big breakthrough today and figured it all out, so that was awesome. :) After work I went over to Dub's house and chilled with him and Chris for a little over an hour. I hadn't seen him in forever, so it was good to get back in touch and make sure he's okay. Then, I came home, made a futile attempt at reading some Prophet and fell asleep instead. Tim and Tony woke me up around 6 and we went over to Countryside Cafe for dinner and experienced what continually has been and always will be the Best Pizza On The Face of Earth. :D After that, we played around in Best Buy for a bit and then Steve and Ryan met us over at Regal around 8:30 to watch Spiderman 2. It rocked, it was so awesome! I highly recommend it, it was sweet and better than the first one. Possibly the best sequel I can think of too, it definitley lives up to the hype! :) So that was really cool, then all five of us went over to McDonald's and wreaked havok. We got some shakes and just hung out for over an hour there until they got sick of us and said they were closing. It was so much fun though! I can't remember the last time I've laughed so much that I was streaming tears AND was dead sober. It was a fun night. 8D Got back here a bit after midnight and have been wasting time. I'm breaking my streak this week of not using my computer at night. But, I figure, it's Friday night and I'll sleep in tommorow, and it's all good. Plus, some people might need their blog fix tommorow. ;-P j/k Ah well, I reckon I should get some rest!

Deep Thoughts of the Day:
Not too much. Just basically it was really fun and uplifting to remember that I do have a lot of cool guy friends and that being single ain't all that bad. I just had a fun time being stupid tonight and talking guy talk and stuff like that and it felt great. Good times. :)

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