Sunday, July 11, 2004

abounding laziness

:) Yeah, yesterday was SLOW, hehe. Woke up at a bit after 11, then lazed around a bit. Then Tony came over at like 1 and we sat and watched baseball for over 4 hours. Then we actually made minimal effort and went over to Algonkian to try out their putt-putt course. It was extremely lousy, but it was only $1, so what the heck, haha. So we played a couple of rounds and I whooped up and that was fun. Then came back to my place around 7 for dinner and more laziness. Watched Terminator 2 for the first time in my life and it was awesome! I was really happy with it, it was a fun movie. Essentially 2 1/2 hours of testosterone-pumping Aaaanuld action! It ended and I was like wiggin-out since I'd been so pumped the whole movie, haha. But it was sweet. And that ended my day and I went to bed around 11. So I was up for about 12 hours all day and essentially did nothing but get fat, haha. But, it was relaxing. :)

News of Note:
This is the first time I've been on my computer in about 30 hours...I think it might be a record for me!! I'm surprised my feeble CS body didn't just spontaneously combust at such a stunt. :D

Other News of Note:
Just got up this morning and checked my email and got something from the CS department about a company in BBurg in the CRC looking for co-ops for next year to work on some sweet web app stuff; just what I want to do!! It would require me to take off a semester and ruin my goal of having a lazy senior year, but maybe this would be better and would also solve the problem of insurance that would come about with taking 6 credit hours during my senior semesters =P. It looks sweet, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to apply. Time to update my resume! :)

Deep Thoughts of the Day (yesterday):
This probably sounds rather corny, but heck. Anyhow, watching Terminator 2 today really just reminded me of how awesome humans are. Cause Arnold was human-like, but he was a robot. He couldn't feel or cry or decide things or anything like that, even though he looked the part. Just made me remember how amazing God has created us. There's no way anybody outside of God could invent something so complex as a human. Sure you could replicate and clone people physically (even though that's quite complex as well). But replicating inner things like emotions like love, hate, sadness, joy, pain, etc, etc would be completely impossible. Just think about that and how amazing we are. It's a really cool thought and helps me to remember how cool God is. :)

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