Friday, July 30, 2004


must...go...on. :-) Wow, yesterday done tuckered me out! Went to work, and spent the first 2 hours or so banging my head on the problem from yesterday. I was trying to fix it at the last minute and the pressure was on, but I just couldn't do it. I don't know enough about how Craig's model stuff works to know what to tweak it without exploding everything. So I gave up on that, then chilled for a couple hours and said my final goodbyes to Mike Wise. He's leaving today so I won't see him anymore. :-( So sad, he probably my favorite guy in the group and the last person anybody thought would ever leave. Oh well. :-/ So, I put in my half-day then left at 10:15. Got home and packeged a bunch of stuff up in my car. I got SO much in, it was incredible! My back wheels were dragging, lol. So that was tiresome, then I left for BBurg around 11:45. The drive was real fun. Just kinda daydreamed and such, not too much thought involved. It was relaxing. :) Got into town just before 4:00 and unloaded all my stuff. Now, that was tiring! It was butt-hot outside and carrying everything up those long stairs killed me. So then the debate was fall asleep, or go play golf. It was a hard debate, but for some odd reason, I went for the golf, hehe. So went out and started playing a bit after 5. I hit one ball and then Elizabeth calls me and decides she wants to come play. So, I'm baffled as I would have never expected this in a million moons, haha. I didn't fully believe her, but yep, she came out at 6 and we played golf. :-) By that time, it had cooled off and it was just beautiful on the couse. It was sweet. :) And Liz actually did fairly well, I was quite impressed. Really :). She hit an awesome shot at the very end and then her parents called her for dinner. So we decided to end on that one, then I went over to the Pugh's and picked up Shadow. Shadow is my new cat that the Gifford's gave me. She's so cute and funny. :) Only problem, now that I own a cat, and a female one at that, I feel ever slightly more non-straight. ;-P Naw, but she's been a lot of fun already. She was so scared at first, but now she's real comfortable here and snuggling and stuff again. So, back to my day, I picked up Shadow, took her home, then went over to Liz's for dinner at 9. That was a lot of fun and good to see the fam. :) Then me, Liz, Doug, and Laura rolled over to a big house that Liz is taking care of for the week and watched Conspiracy Theory. It was a pretty decent movie, I was impressed. That was lots of fun and we left a little after 1am, haha. Got home and just bonked out on the bed, I was SO tired! Got up just a bit ago, but am feeling a bit more awake, now that I have some quality, warm, Ramen running through me. :P

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