Thursday, July 29, 2004

his name was Justin....

He was a showgirl. Hmm....I dunno. haha. :-P Mkay, quick recap of yesterday. Went to work, got in and then John was like, "the system crashed last night and we have to send the disk out tommorow (today) and we're screwed, SAVE US!!!" I'm like, "um, okay...". haha. So, yesterday was nuts. I worked 11 hours straight, no lunch break, no nothing. Just straight working trying to figure out this problem and it was driving me crazy! Still haven't figured it out, I think we might just have to live with it for now. :-/ It was kinda cool though yesterday. It's been a long time since I've had to work balls-to-the-wall on a problem with a fast coming deadline. Sure, it was a lot of work, but I felt so alive and so productive. It felt great. :) I've been feeling bad for not doing anything for so long, so getting to use my work ethic again was a nice change, hehe. So I got home at like 6 or something, passed out on my bed. Then my mom woke me up a bit after that and reminded me that it was my parent's 25th anniversary and we were going out to dinner. So I was like, whoohoo!! So, we all went out to Chili's for dinner and it was really good and quite fun. :) Then came back, packed up stuff for my trip today and then we had a cool family dessert and cake for their anniversary. Got me nice and sugared up so I couldn't get to bed. :-P And that was about all for yesterday. This morning has been nuts so far, as I've been trying last minute to fix this bug. I'm at the end of my knowledge now though and just don't have anything else I can try. :-( So, I have to wait for super-Craig to get in and hopefully he can work some magic. Otherwise, in 2 hours, I'm leaving for 10 days, so I'll miss the fireworks if this thing blows up at the demo. lol. :)

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