Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Not a whole heckuva lot

Well, this should be a fairly shot blog. Yesterday was quick and uneventful. I had nothing to do at work all day so I finally finished up Prophet. It ended pretty strongly and the last 50 pages or so moved really fast. But I'm glad I'm done with it because it seemed like it would never end. To be honest, for a Frank Peretti novel, I felt really dissapointed in it. It had some great moments, but for the most part, I just couldn't get interested. The subject matter was unstimulating, the plot was predictable, and the action just dragged horribly at times. So I dunno. I'd say its maybe worth a read, but that's all. I certainly wouldn't buy it if my Dad hadn't already had it. A good library read at best. Anyhoo, so I finished that up right before the end of the day. I put in 10 hours today and am working lots of comp-time this week so I can have that first week in August off. After work, there was an accident on the Pike so it took me about an hour to get home and that sucked. Not to mention, the last couple days my car has been squeaking a ton on my right wheel. I noticed it on Sunday for the first time, but I wonder if it had been doing that on Friday and Saturday also, but I just had my music on and couldn't hear? I dunno, but it doesn't sound good at all so maybe I'll have Duncan look it over and figure out what they did when I go back down next week. So I finally got home just before 6 and then somehow had the energetic inspiration to start packing up stuff for school. I took about 3 hours and was able to clean out my closet and box up a bunch of stuff that I want to bring with me, so that was real good. My mom was like, "isn't it early to be packing?" My mindset is, I can't wait to get lost, so maybe I'll speed up the process by packing now, lol. Well that, and I don't want to procrastinate and forget stuff if I'm rushing at the end in a couple weeks. So I figure I'll get everything boxed up this week and then just be ready to roll later. So that was good and then I read some more of my MacArthur book about ways to bring glory to God and then went to bed. Not too many deep thoughts or big occurances today. Just life. :)

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